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Count on Woonsocket Dental Associates in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, to provide top-of-the-line dental care with excellent preventative dentistry services.

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Woonsocket Dental Associates takes the time to listen to your questions and concerns regarding your oral health. It is our priority to provide you with the best dental care possible in order to ensure all of your needs are met.

Our dental practice is a clean and safe environment with a friendly staff that is always willing to provide you with the best service. We understand that dental procedures may come with an elevated cost. That is why we are committed to providing the care you need at the prices you can afford.
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About Us

Since 1982, Woonsocket Dental Associates has provided the local area with dental care.

We believe healthy smiles and a sense of confidence go hand in hand. Maintaining a healthy outlook on life and beautiful smile takes more than regular brushing—it requires periodic dental care. Let us take care of you and your family today.

Contact us to learn more about our various special offers on common dental procedures, such as root canals and teeth whitening.